Festo, s.r.o. is part of the German family firm Festo AG & Co. KG, which mainly produces and sells industrial automation components. It is very important for the company owner to have qualified and motivated permanent staff. One of the motivational benefits for employees in the Czech Republic is the provision of language training for all employees free of charge.

We have been working with the Sentia language school since 1998, when a language training provider was selected. The school offered a range of services that meet our requirements in terms of quality and price. For Festo, Sentia provides small group (max. 3 employees) or individual lessons. At this moment in our company Sentia provides lessons for 16 groups and 28 individual courses.

Every year, a language audit of all employees is carried out. Based on the test results (on-line test + personal interview), employees are then divided into courses corresponding to their level of knowledge. These are then organized by the Sentia language school. All courses take place either in the Festo building or in the region where the employee operates (sales representatives). Sentia provides training throughout the Czech Republic, based on our requirements.

We are satisfied with the provision of the above services and we do not plan to change the provider in the near future. They are very convincing in organizing the lesson, if the lecturer does not suit the staff, they will quickly arrange the exchange of the lecturer. Their work is fast and professional.

Mgr. Taťána Tesařová
HR manager

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