AXA Assistance specializes in travel, law, health, home and automotive services. Due to the fact that we deliver our services to clients all over the world, our communication in foreign languages is an essential part of our work. We are currently completing the second school year with Sentia, focusing mainly on teaching Polish and English. We appreciate the fast response to our current / specific needs and also the friendly attitude of Sentia, as it is not easy to set up a 24/7, 100, student and 2 location (Prague, Ostrava) functional schedule. Delivery of other languages for our employees was also not a problem (French, German).

AXA Assistance and Sentia bring education satisfaction to our employees and easy tracking and communication through our School Partner administrative tool.

We intend to continue using the language school services.

For AXA Assistance / Partners
Mgr. Dana Hošková
Deputy HR Director

 reference Axa 2018 (PDF, 292 kB)