Adastra is an ambitious, fast-growing company operating in 45 countries worldwide, so language training along with professional training is one of our main educational priorities. We are constantly looking for ways to set up language learning as efficiently as possible for the individual departments in Adastra. We require suppliers to take a large part in creating concepts, managing the agenda, and teaching individualization.

In this respect, we evaluate the Sentia language school as a real partner who can quickly take our needs and then bring concrete suggestions to meet our goals.

We also see a great advantage in the stability of the administrative team, which allows for a long-term problem-free provision of courses and billing. Coordination of changes is already done with patience, quickly and with professionalism. Billing for services is transparent and conscientious.

Our long-term relationship is a testament to our satisfaction with the Sentia language school, and we have been actively cooperating for more than 10 years.

Petra Jetlebová
Language Education Coordinator / Assistant

 reference Adastra 2018 (PDF, 57 kB)