We guarantee confidentiality and data security

All customer documents are treated as strictly confidential. All employees who come into contact with confidential material have signed a data protection and confidentiality statement. All data, whether in electronic or printed form, is protected by all available means. The company server is secured by a firewall. The company's offices are secured by an electronic security system.

We have specialists in all common fields

At present, we mostly provide translations from the following fields: information technology, automotive, software, hardware, power engineering, marketing, construction, automation, economics, logistics, business, programming, advertising, engineering, agriculture, footwear, plastics, textile industry We have experts in other fields.

We perform proofreading using native speakers
Native speakers and experts on the subject carry out basic, professional, stylistic or prepress proofreading for us. These premium services significantly improve the quality of translations.

We work in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and EN 15038

Evropská norma ČSN EN 15038, platná v  České republice od  prosince 2006, slouží pro stanovení a  definování požadavků na  poskytovatele překladatelských služeb. Z  této normy vychází také posouzení shody a  certifikace podle ISO 9001. Tato norma je zaměřena na  efektivnost systému managementu kvality při plnění požadavků zákazníků a  dodržování příslušných předpisů s cílem neustále zlepšovat spokojenost zákazníků.

We do not charge any professional fees

All our translators go through a demanding selection process. Their expertise is one of the basic criteria when determining their competencies, so we do not have to raise the price even if it is a highly technical text. In addition, terminology is controlled by industry specialists.

We provide legal translations

We translate and validate documents for authorities around the world. Translations are carried out by court interpreters who provide the translation with an interpreter clause (with a so-called round stamp).

We will edit the documents according to your wishes

We provide graphical editing in all common Microsoft formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Acces, etc.), Adobe (InDesign, PageMaker, FrameMaker, etc.), Quark (QuarkXPress) and Corel, including various web page formats (HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, etc.

We use CAT software

We work with modern linguistic software (SDL Trados, Transit and Across). This software uses so-called translation memory, so savings can be made when repeating the same sentences. It is also possible to shorten the delivery date, reduce errors and ensure terminological consistency.