About the project ONLINEjazyky.cz

We have been teaching foreign languages since 1998. We founded the first Czech Cambridge ESOL exam center, won the LABEL European Language Award and won the Internet Efficiency survey, IDNES.

We met more than 20,000 students. They have built an extensive library and unique facilities.

Since 2006, we have started to gain experience in implementing language e-learning. First, we provided students with additional grammar, MP3 listening, and simple online exercises. Then, when we found out that the student who missed lessons for one month was able to follow and understand the teaching material on their own, the goal of learning was raised in our mind:

Bring our unique know-how and teaching methodology online so that it can help any Czech who wanders in the "cocoon" of eternal study, beginning, repetition and forgetting.

Onlinejazyky.cz is a specialist in foreign language e-learning in the Czech Republic, developed by Czechs for Czech students. We teach 6 world languages from general to professional. We meet individual students as well as corporate clients, schools, lecturers and stone language schools as a partner and supplier of quality resources.

For more information, visit www.onlinejazyky.cz or www.sogoodlanguages.com